Acronym Game Rules:

An acronym is a set of letters that stand for a set of words. ie; AOL is an acronym for "America On Line."

The game acronym, works like this:

The gamebot, named "acronym" displays a random 3-7 letters. In the "answer" round, the players must then come up with an acronym that the letters match up with. Example, if the bot said the acronym for this round is LGAVS, a player might come up with: "Long Good-bye's Are Very Sad."

The next round, the player's are shown the acronyms they've come up with, but are not told who came up with which. Player's must then vote for an acronym, whichever one you like best. (Note, voting for yourself will mean point deductions).

When everyone has voted, the scores are shown, followed by the final scores.

Five turns, makes a game. After a game, the player is retired (and starts over). If a player's score is high enough, it'll be stored in the "top five" acronym score board.

  • Here are some other rules and facts for acronym: Up to 25 players can play acronym at a time.

  • To show the current acronym, type "show acro" in the channel.

  • You can only 'show acro' 3x per round.

  • Five turns equals one game.

  • Every vote you get, is 10 points.

  • If you vote for yourself, you'll loose 50 points!

  • You get 60 seconds to come up with an acronym.

  • Acronym's are 3 to 7 letters long. 6 is default.

  • The faster you answer, the more points you'll get (speed points).

  • You get TIME_REMAINING / 2 speed points. So if you take 40 seconds to answer, thats 20 seconds remaining, so 20 / 2 = 10 extra speed points.

  • If no one votes for your answer, you get no speed points (so people aren't tempted to type in random garbage.)

  • Max speed points you can earn is 30 (that's if you answered the second the acro's were given (ha!), 60 secs left / 2 = 30 speed points.

  • If you don't vote, you loose 10 points.

  • If you don't play a round, you are removed from the game.

  • You get 40 seconds to vote on the player's acronyms.

  • Voting section, answers are shown in order that they were received.

  • You can't vote if you didn't submit an acronym.

  • There must be 3 or more players to play.

  • Top scores are shown after a user retires.

  • If you score high enough, you will be in the top 5 list!

  • Top 5 scores are saved to disk, so you'll be there till someone beats your score!

  • The more players, the more possible points you can receive.

  • The max points you can get is 1350.

  • Why 1350? Well.. a max of 25 players.. you can't vote for yourself, so if everyone else votes for you, (24 players) times 10 points a vote, that's 240 points a round. And if you answer an acro the second the letters are given, that's 30 speed points. so 270 points a round. Times that by 5 rounds.. and thus the total of 1350 points max.

  • Its pretty much impossible to get 30 speed points. So lets say you take 10 secs every round to answer... that's 50 secs left / 2 is 25 speed points... 240+25*5 = 1325, a more realistic (??) max ;)