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 User Access . Darkbot Command Listing 

º read conventions
º You must /msg YourDarkbot login YourPassword in order to perform any command levels [1, 2 and 3] even if you previously did it but you or your bot rejoined the channel]

Add User [3]
Delete User [3]
Join Greets [1]

Login BotUser [1]
Mask [0]
Password [1]

Seen User [0]
User's Idle Time [0]
User List [1]

Add User [3]
Adds someone into Darkbot's access list.
Syntax !ADDUSER <#chan | #*> <*user@*.host> [pass]
Example BotUser: !adduser #darkbot *jason@*  3 HisPassword
-DB- Added user: *test@* - level 3
Related Messages (if any parameter is missing):
-DB- Syntax: ADDUSER <#chan> <*user@*.host> . ie; ADDUSER #darkbot *jason@* 3 hisPasswd ... 
Obs. -Use #* if you want to give access to all channels.
-The default password is 0 (zero)
-Use command MASK if you are in doubt what User@host to use
See also: Delete User - Mask - Login - Password 

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Delete User [3]
Removes someone from Darkbot's access list
Command !DELUSER
Syntax !DELUSER <*user@*.host>
Example BotUser: !deluser *test@*
-DB- Deleted user: *test@* [3:0]
Related Messages (if no user is specified):
-DB- Enter the u@h to delete!
See also: User List - Add User

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Join Greets [1]
Sets the string of text that is displayed when you join a channel if you are on Darkbot's access list. Adding a "+" (plus) in front of the message will turn it into an ACTION rather than a PRIVMSG. First time shows DB: 6!BotUser: I need to use SETINFO. To turn function off use !setinfo 0
Command !SETINFO
Syntax !SETINFO < message | 0 >
Example BotUser: !setinfo Welcome!!
-DB- Updated #1: [*janson*@*SuperChat.Org] info: Welcome!!
DB: 11!BotUser: Welcome!!

BotUser: !setinfo +feels happy to see ^!! wow,,, % times I see this $ in & :)
-DB- Updated #1: [*janson*@*SuperChat.Org] info: +feels happy to see ^!! wow,,, % times I see this $ in & :)
*** DB feels happy to see BotUser!! wow,,, 10 times i see this *janson*@*SuperChat.Org in #darkbot :)

BotUser: !setinfo 0
-DB- Updated #1: [*janson*@*SuperChat.Org] info: 0
Related Messages (If no parameters are specified):
 -DB- My !setinfo variables are: ^ nick, % Number of joins, & Channel, $ user@host. Example: !setinfo ^ has joined & % times!! (also, if you make the first char of your SETINFO a "+" the setinfo will be shown as an ACTION)

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Login BotUser [1]
Enables you to use Darkbot's commands.
Command LOGIN
Syntax /msg LOGIN
Example BotUser: /msg DB login mypassword
-DB- Verified: #channel[1]
Related Messages (if is the first time you access DB):
You have not set a password, to set a pass: /msg DB PASS (since this is your first time setting a pass, use '0' as your old pass)
See also: Password 

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Mask [0]
Outputs given user's user@*.host. Use this if you don't know what to put in the Add User or Permban command.
Command !MASK
Syntax !MASK
Example BotUser: !mask
DB: BotUser, test@*

BotUser: !mask test@
DB: BotUser, This is an unresolved host (IP address), just delete the last section and replace with a *, ie; user@ would be user@125.34.12.*
Related Messages (when no user@host specified):
DB: BotUser, Specify a host!
See also: User List - Add User

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Password [1]
Changes the password.
Syntax /msg PASS (oldpass) (newpass)
Example BotUser: /msg DB pass mypass1999 mypass2000
-DB- Password for has been updated
Related Messages (on missed parameters):
-DB- Syntax: /msg DB PASS
Obs. You need to login prior to use this command; Max number of pass digits = 25
See also: Login

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Seen User [0]
Displays the last time/date Darkbot saw the person specified
Command SEEN
Syntax !SEEN
Example (if specified nick is found in the database):
BotUser: !seen NickABC
DB: BotUser, I last saw UserABC ( 2 hours, 30 mins ago in #darkbot

(if no user is found in the database):
BotUser: !seen UserABC2
DB: BotUser, I have not seen UserABC2 in the last week.

(if specified nick is the user who does the query):
BotUser: !seen BotUser
DB: You'd know more about that than I do, BotUser.

(if no nick is specified DB displays the total number of items in the database (seen.ini file):
BotUser: !seen
DB: BotUser, There are 1000 SEEN's in my database.
Relate Procedures Check defines.h file
[#define SEEN] if you want to enable or disable SEEN as well as max length to keep a lastseen 

[#define MAX_LASTSEEN] (default is one week - in seconds) and the seen reply message [#define SEEN_REPLY "in the last week."].

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User's Idle Time [0]
Displays the specified user's idle time.
Command IDLE
Syntax !IDLE
Example BotUser: !idle UserABC
DB: BotUser, UserABC has been idle 1 minutes, 3 secs
Related Messages -(when the command is directed to the BotUser):
DB: BotUser, don't be lame.

-(if nick isn't in the channel):
  DB: BotUser, I do not see NickGiven in #darkbot.

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User List [1]
Lists those who are on Darkbot's access list.
Example BotUser: !userlist
-DB- jason@NewBrunswick.NJ.US.SuperChat.Org[#*:3:6] *test@*[#darkbot:3:0] *test@*[#darkbot:3:0]
-DB- End of Helper Userlist; 3 users found.
See also: Add User - Delete User 

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