System Pantheon
The goal of Pantheon was to create a real-time online RPG system that layers on top of regular IRC text chat. While there may be MUDs and MOOs, IRC is where the users are, and the number of on-line IRC SIM channels showed there was a need for an actual RPG game on IRC. One where the players don't have to pretend to move around, pick up objects, fight, or chat, but one where all can actually be done, in a system that doesn't allow a user to just say they picked up a BFG for a weapon, but one that is self maintained, and is fair to all characters.

  System Pantheon is the name of this online IRC RPG system, I had
high hopes for it when I started, but got bogged down till I no
longer had time to develop it any longer. The reason I put it up
for anyone to download, is so that maybe others can pick up a few
things here and there, and put it to good use.

The design for System Pantheon is pretty neat in the fact that
adding on to the "universe" is rather simple, all one needs to
do is take a look at any of the #channel files in pantheon/channels
dir, and follow from example (or look at the src code), and drop in
more channel files. A simple restart of Pantheon will put the new
channels into use immediately. rNPC's are just as easy to add.
In fact, almost everything was coded for Pantheon, except the
actual battle sequence. I had just gotten up to the loading of
monsters, and selection of random fights in "out of town areas"
when I quit working on Pantheon. If you make something out of
this code, I'd enjoy taking a peek ;)

This code was built to connect as a server to an IRCU P9 server.

To download the source, click on the "download" link below.

-jason 01.17.99

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