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     Darkbot's Logo Contest

    ** PURPOSE **
  • Darkbot needs a logo to graphically identify itself in the community. The logo should be applied to banners, buttons, icons, forms, web pages, e-mails and any Darkbot graphical interface as well as being able to be ported to text interfaces, like shell environments or on Darkbot's boot screen.

  • Large logo: should be NO bigger than 125 x 125 pixels and NO smaller than 100 x 100, JPEG, GIF, PSD (Photoshop) or PNG format. Image should be designed on a transparent background.
  • Small logo: about 120 x 60 pixels. Transparent GIF or PNG format. This logo should be viewable on any color background, even a textured background.
  • If you use text on your design and want to employ JPG (or JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group) have in mind JPEG compression has a tendency to blur small text. Also, Gif is not always the best choice for photo-realistic images.
  • Although is up to you the program(s) to use we encourage the use of open source software.
  • Always send a hard copy of your artwork along with the designs.
  • The logo can be based on name Darkbot, playing around with letter forms themselves or as solo symbol. However 'Darkbot' designation should be considered as being part of the logo.
  • Should be a design that can work also on 3D
  • A design that can work also in grayscale
  • The design should work well as a background and in lower depths (e.g., 4-bit grayscale or even black-and-white)

    While making it have in mind (which doesn't necessarily mean you have to include it all on the design) :
  • Try to relate the design to IRC, talking, robot, automation, artificial intelligence
  • Darkbot designation on the logo it's a must
  • The subtitle of the program is "The IRC Talking Robot"
  • Darkbot official sites are and
  • Darkbot can be funny, talkative, Darkbot is helpful, useful and is a companion
  • Darkbot reacts like a human, thinks like a robot.
  • Keep it simple. A strong and simple logo is much impressive than a cluttered one.

  • Contest is open to everyone.
  • All anonymous submissions will be numbered for reference.

  • When submitting all designs in any format whatsoever remember that you are waving any Copyright and redistribution/reproduction rights, unconditionally transferring all rights and donating your services and final result to this Darkbot Project.
  • This transfer occurs whether or not the design is chosen as a winning logo.
  • Darkbot project developers reserves the right to alter designs to meet the requirements of the media upon which they will be reproduced.
  • Even though the design becomes property of the Darkbot Project the artist will be acknowledged by name in proper places, each time his/her logo is reproduced when the reproduced size of the logo and the media characteristics allows such acknowledgement or (and) on Darkbot's list of collaborators.
  • All designs must be original, being made by their sender. Darkbot Project assumes all designs presented being originally made by their sender and don't assume any responsibility if those designs are made based or copied from other parties. If it contains any graphics or any part from another designer they must be royalty-free images.

    ** HOW TO SUBMIT **
  • Register on the forum at forum
  • Go to 'Darkbot's Logo Contest' forum and  "*** Designs Presented *** Contest is Open ***" and open a 'New Topic'
  • Insert each image on the body of your post with this code



    Substituting the URL with yours. When you save your post  the image should show up like this on your post:

  • Write additional information if you want
  • You can also send your designs to in case you don't have a server where to host the images and we'll post them.

  • Contest begin immediately and ends when we feel we have enough entries to justify at least 3 good choices.

    ** JUDGING **
  • The designs will be inserted into Darkbot's forum and submitted to users and developers comments and vote. Potential winners will be primarily elected and selected based on those comments and vote.
  • Final judging shall and will be done by people to be chosen with no relation to any of the designs presented with an explanation why and how they made the choice.
  • The Judges may declare one or several entries to be a winner.
  • The decision of the Judges is final.
  • The outcome of judging will in no way affect ownership of all logo designs submitted as part of this contest.
  • Contestants will be notified of the judges decision.

You will win our great appreciation for a job well done and thousands of Darkbot users admiration of your artistic abilities every time they see your designs representing Darkbot's spirit.
The Contest Winner(s) will be acknowledged as the creator(s) of the official Darkbot logo.

Feel free to use your imagination on this one folks.
Start your engines and have fun

[ Darkbot Project Administrator ]