rev. 02/17/2003

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  • Current release - Latest major changes
    • Fixed a bug that was causing compilation problems (error code 127 and/or some warnings) on freeBSD. Also this latest revisions resolves a problem on some linux distributions unable to compile correctly or not compile at all with 'Clock_t' errors and warnings. 
    • '#define NEED_CLOCK_T ON' in defines.h in case you have problems compiling in your linux distribution.
    • darkbot will not return anymore it's own nickname when variable R~ is used on topic/replies.
    • Removed from perform and deop.ini raw IRC sample commands to login on Undernet's CService to avoid flooding the service with unnecessary messages. If you want to see sample lines to use on perform and deop.ini check help section on this site.
    • Read WHATSNEW
Check Darkbot installation and configuration help for l'Unix
FULL  darkbot-6f6-r6.tar.gz
- Download this Unix compressed tar archive for a new and complete installation. If you have any existing darkbot6f6 directory this release will replace all files.
80 KB
Dec 17 2001
UPDATE darkbot-6f6-r6-update.tar.gz
- Download this Unix compressed tar archive and tar -zxvf to darkbot6f6 to UPDATE your current installation replacing only all system files and leaving your DAT files intact. After download you must kill -9 pid# your Darkbot, edit defines.h, and run 'make' for the changes to take effect.
79 KB
Dec 17 2001
Compiled darkbot-6f6-r6-comp-eng.tar.gz
- Download this Unix compressed tar archive with a pre-compiled Darkbot in English lang if you don't want or you can't compile on your system. After untar change to directory darkbot6f6/dat/ and edit setup.ini, userlist.db, overwriting it's defaults. Eventually you might want to edit all other files
on that directory. After changes made cd .. and ./darkbot to launch the program.
Dec 17 2001